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the miami shuffle movie

Vince and Zach are two seasoned cops from New York City. They are both asked to resign because of several cases involving underground crime scenarios they could not close. Consequently, their Police Captain wants them out of the City; he’s surreptitiously involved with the crime family and wants these guys out of the force. Both Vince and Zach come from a long line of Police officers and  they are forced to temporarily resign;   As the story unfolds and the action ensues they are constantly harassing each other about their dysfunctional marriages, life, and now job security. 

The miami shuffle

See Brian in "The Miami Shuffle"

About Me

 Since 1994, Brian has been a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and Aftra. He appearded in Gotham.

A Lifetime of Acting

A hard- working professional who brings knowledge, talent and an unmistakable energy to the table. Brian would be an invaluable asset to any project put before him. 


Available for Projects

Brian is a College Graduate from New Jersey’s Kean University and has been working in the fitness industry for over twenty years. He is also an Alumni of HB Studios in NYC


Current Projects

For the last year, I have been running classical theater workshops. I also recently began production on an independent movie that I co-wrote with my collaboration group. To hear more of what I am up to, follow me on social media.

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  Brian in the film Chippendales Off the Cuff

Rent Movie

Screen Actors Guild


A proud member of the SAG/AFTRA


Brian stars as Detective Fletcher


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